July 24, 2017

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ross hotel entree

ross hotel garlic bread and soup









Garlic Bread  $6.00

Hot from the oven, served with whipped garlic butter.


Cheese and Bacon Bread  $7.00
Grilled Tasmanian cheese and bacon pieces on toasted bread.


Soup of the Day  $9.00
A large bowl of delicious homemade soup, served with crusty bread roll.


Dampers  $9.00
Homemade beer damper, served with garlic butter.


Crepe  $9.00

Served with salad garnish.


Salt and Pepper Calamari  $14.50
Served with Aioli sauce.






Light Lunches
( 12 Noon – 2 PM. )


caesar salad ross hotel chicken burger and fries ross hotel








Caesar Salad  $19.00
Traditional Cos lettuce salad, bacon, croutons, poached egg, parmesan cheese and tangy Caesar dressing. (Option of adding grilled chicken)


Nachos  $12.00
Corn chips served with salsa sauce, cheese, guacamole, and sour cream.

Quiche(Please see specials board for today’s quiche) $12.50
Served with fresh garden salad.


Grilled Chicken Burger  $15.00
Juicy grilled chicken breast served with lettuce, cheese, onion, tomato, sweet chilli, with our house dressing& crunchy golden fries.
Angus Beef Burger  $16.00
Juicy Tasmanian beef burger with lettuce, cheese, beetroot, tomato, BBQ sauce, house dressing and crunchy golden fries.


Crunchy Golden Fries  $9.00
Bowl of crunchy golden chips with your choice of gravy.


Traditional Wedges  $10.00
A bowl of potato wedges served with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.






Children’s Menu
( Under 12 Years of Age )


fried_chicken_nuggets_with_french_fries_ross hotelice cream topping ross hotel










Fish and Chips.  $10.00
Yummy battered fish, served with crispy chips and tomato sauce.


Chicken Nuggets and Chips  $8.00
Nuggets, crispy chips and tomato sauce.


Children’s Roast of the Day  $10.00
Today’s roast with Vegetables or Chips.


Sausages and Chip  $8.00
Tasty sausages and crispy chips.


Ice-cream and Topping  $6.00

TOPPING CHOICES: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, lime, & caramel.





Main Meals


reef-n-beef ross hotelRoast-dinner









Roast of the Day (Please see Specials Board for Today’s Roast)  $20.00
Slow roasted Tasmanian produce, served with traditional roasted vegetables.


Beer Battered Flathead  $22.00
Served with fresh garden salad & crunchy golden fries or vegetables.


350 gram Scotch Fillet Steak  $28.00
Tender Tasmanian Beef, served with fresh garden salad& crunchy golden fries or vegetables topped with your choice of Pepper, Mushroom or Diane sauce.


Beef and Reef  $32.00
Tender Tasmanian Scotch Fillet steak, topped with prawns, calamari, scallops and creamy garlic sauce, Served with garden salad & crunchy golden fries, or vegetables.


Risotto (Vegetarian) Pumpkin, Spinach, Pine Nuts  $16.00
Or With (Seafood) prawns, scallops, served in a creamy garlic sauce. $ 20.00


battered-fish-chips-salad-ross hotelseafood basket ross hotel









Fettuccine Carbonara  $18.00

in a creamy carbonara sauce.


Seafood Basket $30.00

A selection of Tasmania’s finest fish, scallops, prawns & squid, served with garden salad &  crunchy golden fries or vegetables.


Chicken Schnitzel / Parma  $26.00
Juicy crumbed chicken breast, cooked golden brown, served with garden salad & crunchy golden fries or vegetables.


Chicken Kiev $26.00

Juicy crumbed chicken breast filled with garlic butter & cooked golden brown, served with garden salad & crunchy golden fries or vegetables.


Crumbed Scallops $28.00

lightly crumbed scallops, served with garden salad and crunchy golden fries.

Choice of: Plain Gravy, Diane Sauce, Mushroom Sauce, Pepper Sauce. (Gluten Free by request)







chickin parma ross hotelChicken-Kiev ross hotel

Welcome to the Ross Hotel

Less than 1 minute from the highway turn off.

The Ross Hotel is situated in the historic township of Ross on the Midlands Highway - 55 minutes 78 km south of Launceston and the Launceston Airport or 70 minutes 115km north of Hobart.

If you are visiting from the Spirit of Tasmania in Devonport we are only 1hr 22 minutes 150km.

Ross is one of the most photographed towns in Tasmania & Australia.

For further information please visit us or give us a call. 104px-Flag-map_of_Tasmania.ross hotel

35 Church Street
Ross, Tasmania 7209


PH: 03 6381 5445


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