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ross hotel garlic bread and soup









Garlic Bread  $6.00

Hot from the oven, served with whipped garlic butter.


Cheese and Bacon Bread  $7.00
Grilled Tasmanian cheese and bacon pieces on toasted bread.


Soup of the Day  $9.00
A large bowl of delicious homemade soup, served with crusty bread roll.


Dampers  $9.00
Homemade beer damper, served with garlic butter.


Crepe  $9.00

Served with salad garnish.


Salt and Pepper Calamari  $14.50
Served with Aioli sauce.






Light Lunches
( 12 Noon – 2 PM. )


caesar salad ross hotel chicken burger and fries ross hotel








Caesar Salad  $19.00
Traditional Cos lettuce salad, bacon, croutons, poached egg, parmesan cheese and tangy Caesar dressing. (Option of adding grilled chicken)


Nachos  $12.00
Corn chips served with salsa sauce, cheese, guacamole, and sour cream.

Quiche(Please see specials board for today’s quiche) $12.50
Served with fresh garden salad.


Grilled Chicken Burger  $15.00
Juicy grilled chicken breast served with lettuce, cheese, onion, tomato, sweet chilli, with our house dressing& crunchy golden fries.
Angus Beef Burger  $16.00
Juicy Tasmanian beef burger with lettuce, cheese, beetroot, tomato, BBQ sauce, house dressing and crunchy golden fries.


Crunchy Golden Fries  $9.00
Bowl of crunchy golden chips with your choice of gravy.


Traditional Wedges  $10.00
A bowl of potato wedges served with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.






Children’s Menu
( Under 12 Years of Age )


fried_chicken_nuggets_with_french_fries_ross hotelice cream topping ross hotel










Fish and Chips.  $10.00
Yummy battered fish, served with crispy chips and tomato sauce.


Chicken Nuggets and Chips  $8.00
Nuggets, crispy chips and tomato sauce.


Children’s Roast of the Day  $10.00
Today’s roast with Vegetables or Chips.


Sausages and Chip  $8.00
Tasty sausages and crispy chips.


Ice-cream and Topping  $6.00

TOPPING CHOICES: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, lime, & caramel.





Main Meals


reef-n-beef ross hotelRoast-dinner









Roast of the Day (Please see Specials Board for Today’s Roast)  $20.00
Slow roasted Tasmanian produce, served with traditional roasted vegetables.


Beer Battered Flathead  $22.00
Served with fresh garden salad & crunchy golden fries or vegetables.


350 gram Scotch Fillet Steak  $28.00
Tender Tasmanian Beef, served with fresh garden salad& crunchy golden fries or vegetables topped with your choice of Pepper, Mushroom or Diane sauce.


Beef and Reef  $32.00
Tender Tasmanian Scotch Fillet steak, topped with prawns, calamari, scallops and creamy garlic sauce, Served with garden salad & crunchy golden fries, or vegetables.


Risotto (Vegetarian) Pumpkin, Spinach, Pine Nuts  $16.00
Or With (Seafood) prawns, scallops, served in a creamy garlic sauce. $ 20.00


battered-fish-chips-salad-ross hotelseafood basket ross hotel









Fettuccine Carbonara  $18.00

in a creamy carbonara sauce.


Seafood Basket $30.00

A selection of Tasmania’s finest fish, scallops, prawns & squid, served with garden salad &  crunchy golden fries or vegetables.


Chicken Schnitzel / Parma  $26.00
Juicy crumbed chicken breast, cooked golden brown, served with garden salad & crunchy golden fries or vegetables.


Chicken Kiev $26.00

Juicy crumbed chicken breast filled with garlic butter & cooked golden brown, served with garden salad & crunchy golden fries or vegetables.


Crumbed Scallops $28.00

lightly crumbed scallops, served with garden salad and crunchy golden fries.

Choice of: Plain Gravy, Diane Sauce, Mushroom Sauce, Pepper Sauce. (Gluten Free by request)







chickin parma ross hotelChicken-Kiev ross hotel

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