The Haunting at the Ross Hotel

It has come to our attention we are not alone…

There are ghost stories about this Hotel related to the convicts that built the Ross Hotel , the Hanging of a stable boy who’s servant girl friend still resides here, over the years the Ross Hotel has attracted Mediums – Seance groups – and ghost hunters….

ghost at the Ross Hotelspooky ross hotel

Many people have seen ‘George’ the resident ghost and there is also a small girl who is seen occasionally at the bottom of the stairs.



examiner ross hotel




1.simon coleman ghost hunter tasmania

Tas Ghost Hunting Society case manager Simon Coleman scans for    electromagnetic fields, believed to indicate an increased presence of the paranormal.
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AS TALES of superstition continue to spook guests of historic Tasmanian homesteads, paranormal investigators are busy priming their sensors.

Although strange occurrences and baffling coincidences may loom ominously about many of the state’s eerie properties, a sceptical approach is always adopted by Tas Ghost Hunting Society president Tano Orlando.

A re-investigation into the Man O’ Ross Hotel will be conducted by the society as it seeks to clarify previously gathered evidence.

Many reported Ross spooks had been debunked as hallway vacuums, old plumbing or other light disturbances, although there were still some that remained unknown, Mr Orlando said.

“We try and conduct scientifically based investigations, debunking is always our first priority,” he said.

“A lot of the ghost stories from Tasmania have been around for a long time, what we’re doing is going out there and getting fresh experiences.”

Mr Orlando said significant activity at the hotel, which boasts its own intriguing history, caused its owner to seek help from the society.

“There’s definitely something happening at Ross,” he said, flicking through images captured from a previous search.

“There’s a lot of haunts down there, the female factory is another one.”

The society has also conducted investigations at Franklin House, Clarendon House, Morton House and Hobart’s Penitentiary Chapel.It will conduct its Man O’ Ross Hotel study in April.


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